Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Introduction (Living With Cogan's Syndrome)

This blog is dedicated to revealing what it is like to live with an autoimmune disease. Since being diagnosed with Cogan's Syndrome in early April of 2012, but having symptoms dating back to early January, I have undergone some serious life changes. This journey—albeit only four months thus far—has not been easy. I’ve lost hearing in both of my ears;  have had non-stop vertigo;  been overly tired; experienced extreme nausea; stopped working due to the vertigo and hearing loss; lost confidence in myself, especially when it comes to engaging in conversation. The list goes on; however, it has not all been so miserable.

The posts will begin where my health issues first started—in the beginning of January, 2012. I will date each post as if it is the actual day I am speaking about. The blog will mainly be in the style of a journal. I hope this format will be informative for those of you who don’t know anything about Cogan’s Syndrome as well as for those of you who do. I will be very open about the affects the disease has had on me physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Let the journey begin…

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  1. Max, you are very brave to write about your journey with Cogan's Syndrome. I appreciate you sharing your life with others! I admire you and continue to pray for you!