Thursday, May 3, 2012

Almost Better...I Think (Living With Cogan's Syndrome)

February 15th, 2012:

I was able to eat a bit today. Nothing of too exotic: some more Gatorade, a bit of rice pudding (I had no idea how much I would actually enjoy this stuff!), and store bought apple sauce. Thankfully, the nausea completely dissipated. The medication really did the trick. What I did notice, though, was that I was extremely dizzy. Yesterday, when all I could think about was wanting to feel better, the dizziness was hardly on my mind—today, was another story.

Sarah has been helping me do everything. If I needed to get up to do something, I'd sit up slowly, wait a few moments until I didn't feel dizzy anymore, and Sarah helped me up and walked me to my destination; she even helped me put my clothes on! Kind of silly, sure, but it was truly too hard for me to do on my own.

You know what it feels like, Sarah?”

What?” she asked me as I followed behind her toward the kitchen, my hands on her waist, her hands in a firm grasp around mine keeping me balanced.

It feels like I'm tipsy, but I haven't had anything to drink. I'm trying to stay as steady as possible but I feel as though I'll tip over or trip or bump into something at any moment.”

Really?” her voice exhibiting faint shock.

Yeah. It's totally weird.”

All day I felt like this. And another thing: my right ear felt a bit clogged as well—almost as if there was water in it. I tried moving my face and jaw around in all sorts of unnatural variations, hoping that some undisclosed liquid would come pouring out, relieving me of the annoying pressure. But alas—nothing worked. I've never had an ear infection before, but I'm guessing that's what it is.

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